To keep our customers' employees up to date, we host regular training sessions. Working in the hospice and long-term care industry requires constant learning to keep up with new regulations and procedures. When new staff members join your team they must deal with the learning curve of new operational procedures and equipment they may have never used before. To make that learning curve less demanding, we offer regular training classes for the IV equipment we provide and the procedures of working with Tribex.

IV Training

The Baxter 6201 is the IV pump we provide our customers. During the IV training classes, we will cover the basic uses of this equipment and answer any questions your staff may have. This class will give your employees the knowledge and confidence they need to effectively care for your patients.  View Dates


We understand that every pharmaceutical provider will operate a little bit differently. This class is intended to give a general overview of what it’s like to work with Tribex. We will cover common procedural issues like ordering, new admissions, refills, and cutoffs.