We are fixated on providing the best customer service possible to every customer we do business with. By going above and beyond what most pharmaceutical providers offer, we know we can build long-lasting relationships with our customers and help them care for their patients.


We aim to help our clients operate as efficiently as possible, which is why we offer PointClickCare integration. This empowers our customers to save time and money by modernizing vital processes, ensure compliance with accurate and accessible resident data, and improve resident safety by eliminating error-prone back and forth manual communication.

Emergency Drug Kits

As a convenience to long-term care facilities, we offer emergency drug kits (EDKs) available in a wide variety of formularies. The EDKs can be customized to best suit the attending physician’s needs and preferences. We also offer training to the staff members who will be using the EDKs to ensure they know the proper methods for use, documentation, and refilling the kits after they are used.

Cart Audits

Preparing for state surveys can be a huge drain on resources for hospices and long-term care facilities and dealing with the consequences of a failed survey can be even more draining. This is why we offer a yearly cart audit to our customers.